Hi! My name is Abigail and welcome to my blog Abi’s Take.

This website is more than just a blog. It is actually an account of my journey a journey that I’m giving you an invitation to be a part of and I hope you will accept it (by subscribing). This journey consists of things that are very important to me and things that I aim to develop and grow in to become the woman I believe I’m meant to be.


 I am a Christian. And I don’t say this flippantly, I truly value my Christianity and view it to be greater than just a religion. I look at my faith as a lifestyle. As a result, as we all know life is unpredictable because we are faced with  obstacles and trails. This causes my faith and living by it to be the hardest yet the only thing that keeps me alive and well. So, I want to share this with you. The struggles and the victories that come with being a 20 year old Christian girl/lady/woman?


On the 19th September 2017 I cut off most of hair. And started my natural hair journey from scratch (no pun intended, hehe). You could ask me why I did that, but you have to subscribe to find out! Within my blog, I aim to focus on how I protect my hair with protective styles, how I retain length and how I style my real hair.


Another aspect of my journey is one of my greatest insecurities and that is my skin. I didn’t know about skincare from a young age. As a result, puberty and bad eating habits really mistreated my skin. And I started to cover up my insecurities by putting make up on it. However, I have become obsessed with evolving into the best version of myself. Consequently, I have embarked on a skincare journey where my goal is to achieve blemishless skin! And I think I can do it, and if you want to too. You can as well!


And finally, I have a category labelled as more. This is because I am a undergraduate psychology student. I am a woman. I am African. And I am so many other things. So I want to have the freedom to express myself about whatever I feel passionate about.

So please put your seatbelt on and expect an unpredictable journey and all things positivity.

Don’t forget to subscribe, stay tuned, stay connected and stay blessed.

Abi x