Find Your Peace

Find Your Peace

This post was inspired by Travis Greene’s song called Taste And See. The lyrics that stuck out to me most after listening to it recently were the following:

Peace is hard to find when the storm crashes on you

Stand the test of time is what you’ve tried your best to do

Loneliness is close to you

Those you love somehow you lose

But God is good

During the hardest seasons in our lives, sometimes we tend to believe that its a destination rather than a season. We begin to become overwhelmed by our circumstance and miss the lesson in its presence. In these seasons, sometimes it genuinely feels like God has abandoned us. We pray, but feel like he isn’t listening and if he isn’t listening, how on earth will he answer?! And not only does it feel like God is ignoring us, but it seems like our loved ones don’t understand us. As a result, we begin to feel lonely. Which can then lead to excessive loneliness, where we become isolated from God and others. This can be considered a danger zone. Firstly, because we are robbed of accountability which increases the risk of sin. Secondly, we become more susceptible to mental illness’ like depression. And overall, the help we need from someone outside of us cannot be administered because we have shut everyone out.

However, during these trials and tribulations we are not alone at all. This is because our pain is accompanied by the lies that the enemy torments us with. These lies then initiate the execution of sin, the onset of depression and the inability to cry out for help. For instance, he begins to remind us of all the things we ever did wrong and presents the distorted belief that the situation we are going through is punishment for our sins.

As a result, we begin to condemn ourselves and we all know that there is a difference between being condemned and being convicted. The road of condemnation leads you to a dangerous path of self-sabotage where you may feel helpless and filthy as a result drift further away from God and draw closer to sin. You then begin to feel depressed, upset and too embarrassed to open up to your loved ones.

During the struggles that we aim to face alone, even though we may feel lonely. We won’t be left alone because the enemy is at work and will try to find ways to steal your peace because he knows what this peace will give you. Remember what the enemy’ goal is:

The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy

He comes to steal your joy, kill your peace and destroy your destiny. But he can’t win and he won’t win. If you do this, find your peace!

I’m not talking about peace that the world offers through yoga and healthy eating. I’m talking about finding your peace in God. This peace is faith-driven, hope-saturated and unshakable.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

When we learn to turn to God “in every situation” and have faith in his ability by thanking him in advance once we make our requests known to him. We are given this peace that “transcends all understanding”. As a result, yes you may not have gotten that job, into that university, those grades, a family member might be sick, you might be unwell whatever it may be.


Even though, the situation seems bad we do not depend on our limited human perception but we activate the peace that God has given to us which identifies the bigger picture and knows that the situation is not permanent, but it is part of God’s plan. Therefore. it is a blessing waiting to happen. Consequently, this peace will “guard your hearts and minds” which will cause the enemy’ lies to fall on death ears freeing you from the risk of falling into sin and being controlled by depression.

If you don’t get anything out of this post. Just know that God is a loving God, Therefore, he will never leave you alone when you need him the most. So you are never alone, he is always right beside you through it all. And in addition to his loving nature, he is intentional meaning that¬†everything that occurs in your life was ordained, approved and planned by him. So no matter how bad or how good the situation is, replace your stress with peace and remain assured in the fact that God’s got you and he won’t leave you stranded.

Yes peace is hard to find in difficult times, but when you find it in God it will all be worth the fight.

Note to self and note to you.

Stay blessed and stay tuned,

Abi x


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