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I feel like I need to state a quick disclaimer before I get into this blog post. So here goes nothing!

The purpose of my blog is not to paint a distorted picture that I know everything or that I’m perfect. It’s not to tell you what to do and what not to do. My blog is essentially a map of notes addressed to myself and notes I feel like sharing. In simpler terms, I am on a journey. I am evolving and growing. I have not reached where I believe I should be. And I don’t aim to present that illusion. However, I am learning whiles I’m growing and sometimes I like to write my lessons down to relearn and cement it in my brain. And most times, I want to share it with my friends (my readers). So the slogan for my blog ” a journey with me” isn’t said flippantly. It is truly the essence of every article. I’m inviting you on a journey to learn and grow with me! So now that I made that clear. Let’s get into the post.

So you may have caught a glimpse of the title and thought “signpost?” what is this about? Or you may have thought to yourself “I already know what this is about”. Well let me fill you in. I’m going to start with the definition of a signpost. A signpost is:

a sign giving information such as the direction and distance

Now that you know what a signpost is. I have a question for you.


As a Christian, are you telling your non-Christian friends about Christ and evangelising to people directing them to God? As a teacher, are you teaching your students skills like how to prepare, how to work in a team and how to be punctual? As a parent, are you teaching your children right from wrong? As a pastor or youth leader, are you training your members in the things of God? Whoever you are and whatever you do, are you directing people to do the right thing? If you are, great. But is that all you are doing?

One thing my parents use to always say to me was don’t be a signpost. I use to always be that person who loved to give advise to people. Loved to listen to people and help them through finding a solution. I still am! Hence my desire to become a psychologist. But I digress,  as little children do, I use to brag about how I made my friends feel better because I helped them solve their problems. However, my parents then burst my bubble really quickly and said “well done, but make sure you take your own advise. Don’t be that person who tells people to do the right thing but they always seem to do the wrong thing”.

In that moment, I was thinking why are they hating on my gift! Can’t they see that their girl is doing big things (haha, yeah I know humble much). But I realised that it was so true. I mean, think about it. Imagine how tragic this scenario will be. You and your friend are preparing for an exam. However, you realise that your friend is slacking in terms of preparation. You then choose to give them interventions upon interventions. You encourage her and tell her “girl, we need to pass this exam. Get to work”. Meanwhile, you are not revising for the exam yourself because you are too busy telling her to focus as a result get distracted. Results day then comes, you fail the exam but she passes. How tragic is that?

I think if we consider this in everyday life we can avoid it. Sometimes, it’s so easy to tell people what to do but its so hard to tell ourselves the same thing. Sometimes, we even tell ourselves what to do but we find it hard to execute it. That takes me back to the quote I mentioned previously. Knowing what is right is so easy. We all have a model of what is good or bad, acceptable and unacceptable. It could be argued that it is universal. But whether it is or not, we all have our own perception of what is right and what is wrong. Nevertheless, actually doing what is right all the time without fail is honestly the hardest thing. Because sometimes just sometimes, watching a movie instead of praying is more enticing, missing that lecture instead of going feels good, calling in sick when you are perfectly fine seems necessary or lying to your partner about a betrayal seems like the less painful option.

We all have reasons for why we choose the wrong option. But its labelled wrong for a reason.

We need to actually “practise what we preach”. And “walk the talk”. Yes, I know these are very clique sayings but that’s only because they are true. I took a break from social media because I was afraid that I was becoming a signpost and I wasn’t utilising the signs I was talking about to direct myself in the right direction. Nevertheless, I realised I was being overly hard on myself hence why I felt it was necessary for me to be transparent with you. We are all a working progress. But it is important that we don’t try to fool ourselves or others into thinking that we are perfect. Instead, in order for us not to be a signpost alone. We need to ensure that we are making a conscious effort to do what we tell others to do so that we don’t fall behind.

If you didn’t get anything from this post. Please take this, be a signpost. Direct people in the right direction. But be a signpost for yourself too. Direct yourself in the right direction. Don’t get lost in the process of directing people to their destination. That is tragic.

Note to self and note to you.

Stay blessed and stay tuned,

Abi’s Take




  1. 21st February 2018 / 5:00 pm

    “Don’t get lost in the process of directing people to their destination” – I enjoyed the post just to add to what you’ve already said, I think another issue for Christians is that sometimes we may feel that it is our duty to direct other people so we get very caught up in other people’s issues (which is ok to some extent) however, I’ve also learnt to help but know that Jesus at the end of the day is the one who will get people to their destination and not me. X

    • Abigail
      22nd February 2018 / 12:01 am

      Yaas Mirander! Thanks for sharing x

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