Why I Cut All My Hair?

Why I Cut All My Hair?

Why are you doing this?! What are you doing?! What have you done?! These are all questions that people have asked me from the time I decided to cut my hair, to when my hair was in the process of being cut until the deed was done. And I’m going to try and answer the question.

If I’m being really honest. There is no definite answer. In other words, whatever I say won’t actually answer the question. It will just set you back to square 1, the square of confusion, but let me try.

I cut my hair firstly because I wanted to. I wanted to experience the journey of starting from scratch. I wanted to really test my hair and see how far it can go and hopefully grow. I wanted a fresh start. So in a sense, that is more of a sentimental reason.

Now a practical reason would be the fact that I had a little bit of heat damage. I say little because I could have easily chopped off the damaged ends and still have a lot of hair. Therefore, it wasn’t that much. Alongside this, my hair was very uneven and I felt like it wasn’t as healthy as it should be due to split ends. In the grand scale of things, even though it looked healthy and beautiful to those on the outside I knew that it could be much better.

So yeah, I cut my hair because the journey fascinates me. I also cut it because it wasn’t in the position I thought it should be in.

This is more of a condensed explanation. However, in the future I will definitely fill you in and tell you the details because it really wasn’t pretty. The reactions fell on a spectrum of tears to bloodshed. Real talk.






But for now. To all my naturalistas. Let me know, have you always been natural? Did you big chop or transition? And how has your natural hair journey been so far?

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Stay tuned and stay blessed.

Abi x


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